Director's Message, Winter 2020

Director's Message, Winter 2020


Phillip L. “Pete” Stack,

Graduation Day 1951, Dillon Hall

While I was working on my Master’s degree, diligently investigating the effects of ozone-induced free radicals on the structure and function of key proteinase inhibitors that prevent oxidative damage to lung tissue, my father was rapidly losing his battle with lung cancer. Phillip Leo ‘Pete’ Stack (Notre Dame class of 1951) did not really have much of a chance at survival in 1986, as the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer was only 13%. Pete joined the unlucky 83% who did not last anywhere near 5 years, and our family watched helplessly as this robust, hilarious, and highly cantankerous 6’6” tall 58-year-old transformed into a skeletal, bald, and weak shadow prior to his death. …

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