Biophysics, literally the physics of life, enables scientists working at the intersection of physics, biology, chemistry, and applied mathematics and statistics, to collaborate with clinicians, mathematicians and engineers to develop a predictive understanding of biological processes, including cancer, development, infection and the immune system.  Novel tools and techniques now permit biophysicists to see and measure what was once invisible. Physics has long played a prominent role in biology – Watson, Crick and Franklin, discoverers of the structure of DNA, considered themselves biophysicists – but that role has increased dramatically in recent years as the development of new methods has transformed our understanding of biological systems, their complexity and their molecular details.

The University of Notre Dame has a rich history of molecular biophysics research across disciplines. The recent establishment of the new Stavropoulos Center for Interdisciplinary Biophysics will strengthen these efforts across campus, attracting elite research talent at all levels of career development.


Keeping it Clean for Our Community

Keeping it Clean for Our Community

Group Photo 2022

If you drove down Hwy 933 between the Inn at St. Mary's and Beacon Memorial Hospital on Thursday, April 29, you may have spotted some workers in bright yellow vests. Harper Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) members were busy picking up trash, hundreds of cigarette butts, and even the odd golf ball (5 to be exact). Shout out to Professor Katherine White’s lab who turned out in force to make quick work of the cleanup!  In partnership with the Adopt-a-Highway program, HCRI cleans this stretch of roadway four times per year.  If you are interested in volunteering to help keep our community clean, please contact Aviva Wulfsohn (

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HCRI Celebrates 10th Annual Cancer Research Day

HCRI Celebrates 10th Annual Cancer Research Day

What happens when researchers-in-training are unable to present their data to a live audience or to see the results of work performed by their peers for over two years due to a global pandemic?  A very enthusiastic in-person conference!  The 10th Annual Cancer Research Day, held on March 21, 2022 in the Morris Inn at Notre Dame, was marked by record attendance and noticeable enthusiasm from presenters and attendees alike. …

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