Taming the Pharmakon: A Workshop on Improving Pharmaceutical Science

Location: Rome Global Gateway

October 12 – 14, 2017

The world Pharmaceuticals industry enters a dramatic juncture in its long history, beset on all sides by critics of its funding and ethics. This workshop seeks to bring together scholars from STS, history of science, and health policy to finally confront the questions: What plausibly can be done to reform Big Pharma? Has 50 years of Pharma innovation so transformed the nature of science that there is no going back? 

Invited members of this workshop will discuss how to best address the current trends in both the EU and the US. Attendees will take into account questions about the nature of evidence-based medicine, the validity of the clinical trial, the role of the FDA and EMA to legislate and protect, the strength of patent laws in determining ownership of innovation, and the commercialization of bioscience.


Originally published at international.nd.edu.