Our Students

  • Mikaela Farrugia

    First year student

  • Erin Groth

    Advisor: Steve Corcelli

    Protein Interaction Studies Using Computational Biophysics

  • Benjamin Harless

    Advisor: Daniel Gezelter

    Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Biomolecules

  • Jonathan Morgan

    Advisor: Alan Lindsay

    Stochastic Simulation of Immune Recognition in T-cells

  • Rebecca Prest

    Advisor: Patricia Champion

    Mycobacterial Secretion System Protein and Biomolecule Interactions

  • Tatiana Rosales

    Advisor: Brian Baker

    Biophysical and Structural Analysis of Antigen Recognition

  • Papa Kobina Van Dyck

    First year student

  • Jacob Wagner

    Advisor: Katharine White

    Development and Optimization of Red-shifted Fluorescent pHi Biosensor