Statement on Juneteenth, from Michael D. Hildreth, Interim Dean of the College of Science

Author: Provided

On Juneteenth, we reflect on our desire to be an inclusive community that affirms the intrinsic dignity and worth of every human being. Diversity, in its many forms, is an essential part of an inclusive community. 

This spring, the College of Science Diversity Council was convened to give voice to students and address issues of diversity and inclusion within the college. The three specific charges to the Council are: 

1) To promote a culture within the college that supports diversity in its many forms; 
2) To develop strategies to achieve greater diversity among both faculty and students within the college; and 
3) To provide oversight to ensure the success of goals.

It will take all of us working together to make this initiative a success. 

I learned about Juneteenth as a graduate student at Stanford. If you want to know more about why the country marks this day, you can start here

Join us in honoring the meaning of Juneteenth, and please consider how you might make your part of our community more inclusive. 

In Notre Dame,

Michael D. Hildreth, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the College of Science

Originally published by Provided at on June 18, 2021.