Biophysics Journal Club


The purpose of this meeting is to prepare for Bil Clemons' upcoming visit on May 27th.  

William M. (Bil) Clemons, Jr., Professor of Biochemistry, California Institute of Technology

Papers for discussion:

Ku-Feng Lin, Michelle Y. Fry , Shyam M. Saladi , and William M. Clemons Jr, J. Biol. Chem. (2021) 296 100441,

Justin W Chartron, William M Clemons Jr. and Christian JM Suloway, Current Opinion in Structural Biology 2012, 22:217–224, DOI 10.1016/

If you have any questions, contact Tatiana Rosales,

For Zoom link, contact Tatiana Rosales, or Cheryl Schairer,

Seminar title, "A detailed look at tail-anchored membrane protein targeting - from opisthokonts to protists to plants"