Arnaldo Serrano

Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry


434 Stepan Chemistry

Research Cluster

Dynamics & Reactions, Imaging & Structure

Time-resolved nonlinear and multidimensional infrared spectroscopies provide windows into an array of molecular properties not available to other techniques. Two of the major goals of my research program are the development of these spectroscopies into useful microscopies, along with their application to the structural characterization of biomolecules in complex and dynamic environments. Problems of interest include measuring the interaction of potential drug molecules with protein targets using visible pump-infrared probe spectroscopy and characterizing the effect of macromolecular crowders on protein aggregation. The latter represents a bridge between what has already been learned from in-vitro studies about amyloid formation, and what may change due to the physiological environment, where amyloids appear to play an important role in a number of diseases.


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Serrano Arnaldo Research Photo