Schedule & Sign Up

The biophysics journal club meets once per month on Tuesday evenings at 5:00 pm in Jordan Hall room 310. 

During meetings, a speaker will lead a discussion on a current research article. Participation in the discussion is encouraged. Following the discussion, attendees will be asked to provide a brief evaluation of the speaker.

Below is the journal club schedule for the next semeter. If you wish to sign up for an open slot, please do so on the following Google Doc link, or contact a current journal club committee member.

Google Doc Presenter Sign Up

Schedule for Spring 2017
Meeting Dates Name Status (grad, undergrad, faculty) Department
1/17/2017 Heath Rose Graduate Student Biochemistry
2/07/2017 Dr. Zhangli Peng Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
3/07/2017 Dr. Jeff Peng Associate Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry
4/11/2017 Dr. Jeremiah Zartman Assistant Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
5/02/2017 Tim Riley Graduate Student Biochemistry